9 Things you didn't know about Danielle Whatley (TAS)

Ever wondered whats going on in the mind of your fellow competitors. We got to know the Willow Beast sponsored riders by asking them the important questions. Today, meet Tasmanias Danielle Whatley.

1. Whats your favourite equestrian Sport?


2. Who was your first pony?

Rocket, a naughty little miniature!

3. Pocket rockets or gentle giants?

Pocket rockets for sure!

4. What’s your favourite thing about being a horse person?

Everything! Working hard towards riding goals, seeing the young horses and myself progress as seasons go by, spending weekends with like-minded friends

Dani 2.jpg

5. What’s your least favourite?

The costs!!!

6. Desserts or dinner?


7. What music are you listening too at the moment?

Anything from Ed Sheren to Macklemore to Kacey Musgraves! Whatever is good at the time although I do lovvvve old music!!

8. What’s the weirdest thing about you?

I drown my jacket potato’s in tomato sauce!

9. If you could give younger you some advice, what would it be?

Never forget to have fun! If you aren’t enjoying a particular aspect of your riding, change it up!

Photo: Sarah Worsley

Photo: Sarah Worsley